I've been at this a long time and I can honestly say that I enjoy most every minute of it.  Building memories, creating art, and capturing beauty all around me is both a joy and a blessing.

I primarily sell prints but I also do individual sessions and take assignments for events; however, I am not dependent on it for a full-time living. That allows me to reinvest what I earn in equipment and maintain a balance to continue to do what I love without the stress of depending on it completely.

I have always been a photographer at heart.  But when I joined the Air Force out of high school, they needed computer specialists more than photographers so they decided to train me on computers and my career has been in IT ever since.  I could not suppress my creative urges, even as a IT developer, so that made me what is more widely known in the industry as a "cowboy" - not following the rules... so I switched to IT project management and helped make the rules instead.

Though I've left the IT world behind me, it still serves me well with all of the technological advances in imaging software and editing tools.  I am comfortable in both worlds, technology and art.  Solution focused and design oriented.

Feel free to drop me a note in our guestbook; I'd love to hear from you!