Duane Keeling | About
I've been a photographer since I was 8. I learned on a Kodak Brownie followed by a Leica C3, Pentax Spotmatic, a Speed Graphic and finally purchased my very own 35mm at 16; a Minolta SRT-101. That served me well into my 20's when I purchased a Canon AE-1 followed by a Canon A-1. I then purchased a Canon T-90 followed quickly by a Canon F1n in 1985. I remember the day it arrived. I was so excited that I opened the package, attached a telephoto zoom lens and immediately dropped it onto the floor. Devastated, I checked it for damage - the lens barrel was a little loose but the F1 body was built like a tank and survived handily. A computer consultant by trade, I yearned for the day that digital imaging could compete with film; finally, I made the switch to digital in 2002 with an Olympus E-10. A nice camera but limited without the benefit of interchangeable lenses. When it died in 2011, I tried my best to resurrect it but to no avail. Since then, I jumped into the Canon EOS line with an EOS 7D and then to the Canon full-frame EOS 6D. I loved the 7D and I love the 6D even more. It is an "entry level" full-frame but, for what I do and the way I work, the 6D rocks! Low-light capabilities are superb and it is a dream to handle!

Photography is more of an avocation with me.  I do some sessions here and there and take assignments for events but not being dependent on it for a full-time living allows me to reinvest what I make in equipment and maintain a balance that allows me to continue to do what I love without depending on it completely. That said, I do charge a standard rate for my services.  I believe that it's important not to undercut the many professional photographers out there that are dependent on their business to make a living. 

If you like anything you see, drop me a note; I'd love to hear from you!