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I don't have the time or money to invest in equipment for every situation so, when I think I may need to have a specific lens, accessory or even a spare camera body... this is where I turn.
GorillaPod SLR-Zoom The JOBY Gorillapod Zoom allows me work with my SLR directly on a table top or to wrap the flexible legs around objects like chair backs, tree limbs or hand rails for a secure shooting platform.  Combined with the ball head attachment, it can accommodate many situations where a tripod is impractical.  It's small, light weight and travels easily on the side attachment to my camera bag.
This is my newest gadget - many thanks to photographer Brian Matiash who mentioned it during a webinar for onOne software products.  This device turns my iPhone into a wired controller to adjust when and how the shutter on my camera fires.  It works pretty well and provides a number of options to trigger the shutter including sound (e.g. gunshot, hand clap, splash, etc.) making it possible to capture some images at precisely the right moment.  It also has the ability to do "long exposure" HDR images.  Apparently, the lag between signals is too long for normal HDR shooting - which is a disappointment but certainly not a deal-breaker.